Echoes of the Past
Explore centuries of strategic brilliance through our curated collection of historical chess sets and board games from diverse cultures.
Chess Through Time
Delve into the evolution of chess with exhibitions that showcase the game’s transformation across different eras and regions.
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Games of Heritage
Experience the intersection of culture and intellect with our immersive displays of historical board games, crafted with artistic precision.
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Ancient books on games
Discover Asian, European, and African influence on the evolution of rules of shatranj, chess, and other historical board games.
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About Us

Welcome to! We are dedicated to preserving and showcasing historical board games, with a special focus on chess sets that carry centuries of heritage and artistry. Our exhibitions offer a glimpse into these games’ social and cultural impact across various civilizations. Whether displayed in premium locations or as digital experiences in classrooms, our collections aim to educate and inspire enthusiasts and students alike.

Visit our next exhibit at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Cankurtaran, Caferiye Medresesi Sok
No:36, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Türkiye

Display our exhibit at your educational institution

We will send you a digital pack of curated exhibition images and physical chess pieces so you can exhibit at your school.

Display our exhibit at your art venue or museum

Please reach out to coordinate a larger display of our exhibition at your art venue or museum, including a workshop on the history of shatranj and other historic board games

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Cankurtaran, Caferiye Medresesi Sok. No:36, 34122 Fatih / İstanbul – Türkiye

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If you would like to display our exhibition at your preferred venue or school, please reach out to us. For other inquiries, you can contact us through